Second Edition Certification

Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products:

Convergence with crime

Hosted by
Philip Morris International
Tomas and
Christophe Zimmermann

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April 15th
10:00 am EDT
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Apr 15

10:00 am EDT

Containers: Targeting Techniques and Risk Profiling


Apr 28

4:00 pm EDT


Renowned and Experienced Speakers

Get the chance to listen to, ask questions, and interact with, speakers sharing their knowledge and experience on these matters. 

Expand Your Expertise on Tobacco Related Crimes

With informed speakers, relevant topics, and key reading materials, improve your tool-kit for dealing with the illicit trade in tobacco products. 

Connect with Agents Across the US

Use the course to reach out to speakers and other attending agents covering similar crimes.

Enhance Public-Private Partnerships

Learn how the private sector cooperates with law enforcement to aid in information sharing, forensic analysis, and securing supply chains. 

Learn How to Build a Successful Case

Listen to the how to’s and what nots from experienced consultants, attorneys, and law enforcement agents on how to construct a winning case. 

Become an Expert on the Nexus of Illicit Tobacco and Transnational Crime

Through a six-week course, become informed and better prepared to spot tobacco being sold to finance nefarious crimes.



Philip Morris International is the leading international tobacco company, with a diverse workforce of around 73,500 people who hail from every corner of the globe. PMI is in the midst of a large-scale transformation, from a cigarette manufacturer to a science and technology-driven company that provides smoke-free alternatives to cigarettes. Replacing cigarettes with smoke-free products as fast as possible is a dramatic move. It’s the biggest shift in the history of the company. Illicit trade makes cheap, unregulated tobacco products easily accessible, undermining efforts to reduce smoking prevalence and protect youth from smoking

At PMI, we have a dedicated global team of illicit trade prevention professionals and we have invested significant resources to ensure strong controls in our supply chain, to raise awareness of the consequences of the illicit tobacco trade, and to develop workable solutions. We have implemented technologically innovative tracking and tracing solutions, sophisticated security features and world-leading supply chain controls, but we can’t solve the problem without support from others.

April 15th
10:00 am EDT